Tips for feeding birds in the summer months

Tips for feeding birds in the summer months

If you feed birds and you live in state/country that gets hot during the summer (starting from May - August, and/or early September), I have compiled this list for you. I have been feeding wild birds for more than four years now so I have learned the tricks to get more birds and lots of different new and strange species to your backyard feeder. Also, this is a great way to provide the birds who regularly come to your feeding station(s) the things they need during the summer.

1 - Water
I suggest using bottled, filtered, and water from your fridge if it comes with that feature. Regular tap water contains many, many harmful chemicals that can cause a lot of ailments...who wants to drink that?
The water should be placed in a shady area, next to your feeder(s). Keep it away from DIRECT sunlight as it'll heat and evaporate and you'll end up with a dry bowl a few hours (or minutes) later. Either use a plastic feeder or a stone bowl.

2 - Shade
If you have lots of trees and thick bushes, hang feeders from the trees or place them in the shade of trees and bushes.
The birds will greatly appreciate being able to eat and drink and not have the sun beating down on their backs.

3 - Bird Bath
Birds love taking baths...and who doesn't like to take a cool dip on a 100 degree day?
Surprisingly, many bird species are attracted to water. Bird baths and water bowls can get a lot of different species you may have never seen.

3 - Make or buy your own "Summer Bird Feed Mix"
While many brands will not say "summer bird feed mix", you can make one yourself by putting together a number of different brands and labeling it as that.
My Suggested Mix:
1 bag of black oil sunflower seeds
Almonds or any kind of nut
Dried fruit (strawberries, bananas, apples, raisins, and any other dried fruit available)
Citrus juice
Songbird Mix
Get a large bowl or a plastic container with a lid
Pour about 2 cups (or more, depending on the size of your container/bowl) into the bowl/container.
Add your nuts (handful of each)
Add your fruit (handful of each)
Squeeze a little citrus juice over the mix
Add the songbird mix
Let the juice dry on the seeds
After dried, put it outside



Good job, NTG.

Birds love suet too.
Oh and peanut butter! :D

Another thing....
bird baths can spread germs and disease so keep them clean~