Tips for Saving Money

Tips for Saving Money

I thought it would be good, esp. considering the economic situation, to start a thread for everyone to pool their money-saving tips together, share ideas, and learn from eachother. If a thread like this already exists, please delete this one. I saved a lot of money on my electric bill by switching over to the flourescent light bulbs and only leaving the lights on in rooms i'm in, that's the brightest idea i have so far! :) Also a yellow light bulb in your front porch light doesn't attract so many bugs.

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Hey , for sure we all need that , Mike and I will be glad to read others tips . Yes those light bulbs do save a lot more .I have changed all mine in the house.

Wash your clothes in cold water as now there are cold water detergents .... saves on hot water

There is a news H2o mop that uses only steam to clean floors and it works just as good as using all those harsh chemicals and saves money too , I bought mine at Walmart .

For those who buy their lunches ... why not make your own and carry to work ?

I re- use zip lock bags .... Just wash them out good .

You got me thinking and I will post more later.

Thanks good idea.


I got one. Stop lusting after guns and snowmobiles. (Yea, Mark!) :)


I got one. Stop lusting after guns and snowmobiles. (Yea, Mark!) :)

Ha ha .... Mark :D:D

Another one :

I put baking soda and vinigar down my drain every so often .... It clears the drain and also smeels nice and is also an alternative to expensive drain stuff.

Stop buying all the boxed and frozen prepared foods. Too expensive . Make your own from scratch.

Instead of buying coffee all the time ... make your own and put it in a thermos or an insulted cup with a lid.

You can use your used dryer sheets to clean mirrors ... TV and computer Screens and glasses.

Make your own juice instead of buying it .
We're going to start making extra food, and then blending a good chunk of it, to put in small containers in the freezer, thawing on a regular basis as a substitue for buying baby food. Also, when i was a kid my step mom would prepare 4 caserouls of the same meal, and freeze three. One would serve dinner and left-over for lunch the next day. Whenever company was coming over on short notice, she would preheat the oven and grab something from the freezer. In this way she could buy a bunch of one thng on sale, prepare about 4 each of say 3-4 different meals, and freeze them, then mix them up for variety. (Doesn't all have to be beef arangements.) :)