To Be Poured Out

May 6, 2020
South Carolina
Philippians 2:17-18 "Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all. (18) For the same cause also do you joy, and rejoice with me."

Jesus, our Messiah, is our testimony of the greatest love of all. He was offered upon the sacrifice and service of our faith and he laid down his life that we might have everlasting life. He did not seek his own life but freely offered himself upon the altar of God so that we might live. He was poured out so that we might be filled. The servants and saints of the Lord have left us a legacy of a faith that would not waver. The Apostles were willing to pay with their lives if it would add to the faith of those who followed the Lord.

Will my heart answer the call of the Lord, will I be poured out for others and am I ready to be a sacrifice of faith? Am I ready to sacrifice in service to others so that the faith of others may increase? Teach me your ways O Lord so that the faith in my heart will grow. Help me to walk the path of your greater love dear Lord, and let me be poured out so that I may rejoice in the increasing of your name and your glory. Let my heart hear, and let my voice be heard. O Lord, hear my voice, for unto the Lord do I give my soul, my life, and all that I am so that I may be poured out so that others might be filled.