To moderator team - please respond!

To moderator team - please respond!


There was a thread that was started a while ago intitled "Please help me". It was about a young girl who was a bit confused about the nature of love and weather there is a type of love that is wrong. I read a little today and I saw that it was moved to the private area but then it was closed. Does this mean that it's closed for good or is it just closed for non-members. The reason for my question is because I really think we might be able to help this girl, so I'm wondering if it's wise to just close her thread for good. I am just curious about this; I am in no way wanting to question the rules and practices of the forum's leaders!:) Thank you in advance for your answer.


Thank's for your reply, Sylvanus. I must confess, I feel a little silly because this whole time I've been with CFS I didn't even realize you were a moderator. An all I had to do was to look under your name and see the title... Duh...:D Anyway, sorry and thanks for the sugestion. I will PM her to see if she will even answer me.:)