To parents of multiple children

that would be quite the b-day present. hopefully one day i will be lucky enough to have kids of my own... i think 3 or maybe 4 would be a good number...
Leave it in the LORD's hands.
Look up The Duggars~Here you go~

All I can say is WOW, lol. It is awesome to see what you can accomplish with God in your life. And I thought my mother was part of a large family--she is child 9 of 13 children.

I love children myself. I have 4 boys, but they are all grown now (25, 22, 20 & 18) and the grandchildren are now arriving. My oldest has given me a granddaughter who will be 2 on 12/28.

Children certainly are a blessing from the Lord.
Call it 'growing an army for the Lord'.:)

We have two children here and two babies in Heaven (unexplained stillbirths, two in a row). When we had our second loss, a member of our church wrote in the guest book at the funeral: "God Bless you as you populate heaven". After writing it she was thinking "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!!" to herself. My husband and I actually really liked it and found the blessing in it that she meant to impart.
So here we are just newly expecting again. I am nearly 41. The "world" will say 'are you nuts?" Our church family, our home group in particular, are very 'pro-baby' and will be behind us all the way. Several families in our church have 6+children and most agree that kids from bigger families are GOOD kids. The older help the younger, they learn how to share, and so on.
All the best to you in your baby-building!