To the moderator



To the moderator

Obviously i dont intend this to be posted, just simply read by the moderator and maybe responded to privately? ZwanSwan17 at gmail dot com

If you do respond title the subject "religion" so i know its not spam or what have you :)

I may just be impatient (cant sign up as i dont attend any church) but i am wondering why some of my posts with the same username "Hmmm" are not being presented? Is my wording harsh or hateful at all? I am just attempting to present my questions so as to better understand religion and dismiss arguments against my questions that i think are not relevant in the most appropriate manner possible.

The subject in which i addressed in previous posts interest me greatly and it seems there are people here whom are just as passionate. I just feel as though ive been oppressed or silenced simply because my views differ from others and was under the impression that the forum in which i presented my questions was one welcoming people of different views to do just that..present questions.

I just want to know if my reply was deemed out of line and how..i cant fix it if i dont know what to fix.


If i am just being impatient and my reply is still pending than by all means consider this an apology in advance :p


I have bumped this along to the proper personnel.