To will and to do

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To will and to do

Some are crying to God for a great revival. I can say that that is the prayer of my heart unceasingly. Oh, if God would only revive His believing people! I cannot think in the first place of the unconverted formalists of the Church, or of the infidels and skeptics, or of all the wretched and perishing around me, my heart prays in the first place: "My God, revive Thy Church and people." It is not for nothing that there are in thousands of hearts yearnings after holiness and consecration: it is a forerunner of God’s power. God works to will and then He works to do. These yearnings are a witness and a proof that God has worked to will. Oh, let us in faith believe that the omnipotent God will work to do among His people more than we can ask. "Unto him," Paul said, "who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.... unto him be glory." Let our hearts say that. Glory to God, the omnipotent One, who can do above what we dare to ask or think!
Andrew Murray


Yes my son. I think that is the cry of all believers in Christ that the church needs a shaking and a mighty revival but that will not come until people themselves ... humble and come to their own realization that they need to search their own hearts and seek His face instead of letting others do it and thinking it is alright.