TobyMac Again

TobyMac Again

I have a new favorite's haunting-beautiful and it puts me back into perspective.

*Whirlwind starts humming - I don't wanna gain the whole world, and lose my soul...I don't wanna gain the whole world and lose my souuuul.*

It's TobyMac - Lose My Soul.:)
He's going to be in Portland next month, doing a free concert as part of the Portland Cityfest. I'm booking a room and making a vacation of it.:) Talented young man for God.
I got his CD/DVD combo while traveling recently and spent last weekend listening to it. It's beautiful!

The DVD is a concert of his in Houston. I've never seen TM perform before. It's mainly geared towards teens...the camera shakes and moves a lot (more than I like), but it's interesting to see how Christian teens dance these days.

AT THE END!!! Oh, if anybody wants to hear powerful words for God's glory! TobyMac gives this small sermon on his faith and God's glory. I don't know if it's scripted, memorized, whatever. But it brought me to tears.

He's a good boy.:)
God knows how to communicate!!!! This is a good song I just heard it I like it that settles it. Nice post!
I see alot of teens commin round to Christ just cuz da music. After they hear it and dance to it n listen to da words that is commin from God through the band they are transformed into new Christians/believers.
God werks in wonderful ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! I really liked the song! When is he going to be in Portland? You said next mo., but you wrote that in July. We will be in Salem the week of Aug. 9 through the 15th visiting our grandson. That would be wild if I could to see him. Never been to a Christian Concert. We have relatives in Eastern Oregon, too. In Madras. Close to you, Whirlwind, I think. Sweets
Autumn - thing is I don't even like rap!:p But Toby's my favorite Christian artist.:) He's the only rapper whose songs I know all the lyrics to...even the rap parts! Hee hee hee!

Yeah, the concert is on August 23. Leave some room for me, okay? I gotta drive in from Central Oregon.;) It's part of the Cityfest - and it's not just Toby. Kirk Franklin will be there. I think they also mentioned MercyMe. Oh, and Hawk Nelson (whoever that is). Kutless. Marisol. Chris Tomlin. For more information, you can google Cityfest.

Madras!? That's really close. I mean - if I opened my kitchen window and stuck my hand out, my wrist would cross over into Madras City Limits!:eek: