Tony Laf

Tony Laf

Hey guys.
I should have shared this sooner lol.
Tony Laf, a contestant on this years "Britains got Talent" made it to the semi finals.
2 years ago, his brother died, and left 3 children, He now is raising the children.
He is a musician, and he is by far the most amazing r 'n' b / soul singer I have ever heard, He's a great music, Singer & fantastic voice.
He's not one of the artists that influence bad things, its all clean, fresh, nothing bad about it, But... It all comes from his heart, to reach our souls.

He is a Very Special man.
Im not sure if he is Christian or not, but still, He is amazing.

4 songs on his myspace, that are good also.

<edit> His new song, Key to my dreams, Simple awesome!

I hope you like this.