Too much control?



Too much control?

Im not a very decated Christian but sometimes I really wonder and worry about people who are. The best way I can explain is an example; I read about this woman who wanted to go horseback riding ever since she was a little girl, but when she finally got the chance she couldn't stand doing it in a dress. She was reduced to tears begging for advice because the Bible basically says she can't wear jeans. Something about "A woman shall not wear the clothes of a man" or something like that.

I mean no disrespect but I don't think people should be this devoted, and I hear about this type of thing all the time. I have enough trouble believing in God as it is (Long story short, why do bad things happen to good people AND good things happen to bad people? Not just that, but Evolution making sense and other things I won't discuss here out of respect.) and seeing all these people torn by such tight restrictions makes me doubt the rest of Christianity.

So Im just curious what more dedicated Christians think of these situations.
I understand your curiosity! But...we also need to know that everyone is different. And every person's relationship with Jesus is different. Jesus is the same...but people are different. Does that make sense? About the example that you have provided, some women believe that wearing jeans are not good, while other women (like myself) think that wearing jeans is fine.

I can tell that you mean no disrespect in your post. You are just curious and stating what YOU believe in. And that's fine. :) But thank you for respecting us! We really do appreciate it :)

In answer to your question about bad things happening, we are people. People make choices that are bad. I mean, please don't ask me why God allows it, because I'm not God. I dont' know why he allows certain things, but I do know this: He will get us through. Ever since 2008, I've had to deal with deaths. Why did God allow these people to die? Well, I'm not sure. But He did. But that doesn't mean HE did it. He just allowed it. I think you should read JOb, even though you're not a dedicated Christian. But Job, in the BIble, he was a great guy. He tried his best to stay away from sin. But yet...God allowed Satan to take JOb's family and all his livestock. Something bad happened to a good person.

We are sinners. We make choices that aren't the best. God gave us a free a gift. And people take that gift, TWIST IT, and use it for evil.