"Touchdown Jesus"

Hey I feel the same as you . We don't need all those statues . What good are they ? They need Jesus in their hearts not on a statue .
I think the most effective witness we have is the way we interact with one another and with those outside the faith. I personally don't care for statues and paintings of Jesus because nobody knows what He looked like. It is highly doubtful that he had straight blond hair, pale complexion, and blue eyes. I also think it highly doubtful that he was "black" as some insist. If we have Jesus reigning in our hearts and behave toward others accordingly, that is the best representation of Jesus the world can possibly see.

And yes, Dean, when I read the article in the paper about that statue burning down, the thought did cross my mind that maybe it was God's doing. Honestly, I think the Church needs more "go" and less "show."