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I just wanted to invite you to the inauguration of a website that I pray will bless you greatly.

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May God Touch You Immensely,
It is an imaginary aspiration for any Christian to have "God touch them." If He did, they would vaporize.

What can happen today regarding this is that some Christians are able to get so emotionally worked up, and so focused in their own imaginations, that they are deluded to think that "God touched them."

Scripture does not demonstrate or teach that God will "touch" us.

The closest thing to that is described in John 15:4-10, where Jesus talks about abiding in Him. No "touch of God" is even remotely mentioned.

II John 9 says, "He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son." No "touching" is mentioned.

Scripture does not mention using "music" or "worship" to attain any "touch" from God.

Those who promote this nonsense should repent, and bring their imaginations under the control of the Holy Spirit.



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Way to distort the meaning of the words. Everyone who reads the phrase "touched by God" understands exactly what that means, and I doubt you are an exception to this rule.