tpkyteroo's sites

tpkyteroo's sites

I have a fan site at . The purpose of that site is to get people interested in it enough, where they will navigate and just happen to find the Kyt's Other Interest link on the home page. And find my stories and become saved. So, its a catch for the athiest.
[However, I have a friend, Drew, I befriended and allowed to have his stuff under his own link on my site. And that stuff I do NOT want Believer's finding. So, eventually, I will have a separate site that will be Children friendly. His stuff does not have images, but the stories are not to my liking as a believer. He is being hosted by me for free as a witnessing opportunity. The Lord opened a door that was previously closed. He is Gay, and from Oregon. ]

My children's stories can be found at (direct link to bible stuff and stories navigation) (Still work in progress).

My prose, poetry and whatnots (very much shorter works)

Eventually, will get a domain name for my children's/bible stuff but don't know of a title yet. Comments welcomed. Thanks! [tried to be brief :roll: :lol:]