transforming day to night,and night to day.


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transforming day to night,and night to day.

as we know this will be the end time,and we know this is the end has been made to slave labour,and night into letting your hair down.people say good night,and say another boring change light to want darkness you first have to make the daytime boring or hard work.propaganda is always the method,and people are very easily manipulated by this spirit war we are involved in.they have changed God to money,and beast to all we wait now is satan trying to fix the problem he created.the joy of waiting.:smiley170:
yes smellycat this maybe the end times. But we are told not to worry about such things. That all these things must come to pass. All we can do is pray for each other that we may not be catch napping and that we may not be decieved.
This is why we must learn to put on the whole amor of God each and every day to pertect ourself form the evil forces that is in this world and the heavenly places.
We must also pray for the lost that they may come to savaltion and take Jesus as there lord and Saviour.
Let us be that shining Light that guide them to Jesus by doing good and being a blessing to others. For we can not save anyone but it is the Lord who saved them....... Love Jane
a scary thing bothers me.on the God tv channels,it seems Christians are moving to the jewish,when infact the jewish need to find Christ,Jesus said not to mix the old wine and new wine.