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According to the Chicago Tribune, in the early 1980's Ed Greer had a good white-collar job with Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo, California. Nevertheless he was miserable. He hated his work and he was feeling pressure from his wife and father. At one point he told a coworker, "Never become too good at something you hate. They'll make you do it the rest of your life."

Greer was't willing to do that, and on September 10, 1981, he disappeared. Without telling anyone his plans, he got on a plane and flew to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There he lived on the beaches and fixed boat engines. After a while he assumed someone else's name and moved to Houston, Texas, getting a regular job with a small oil exploration firm.

Meanwhile his wife divorced him in absentia. In an odd twist, Greer became somewhat of a fantasy hero to some yuppies who felt trapped in corporate America. Some said they wished they had the guts to do what he did. His former coworkers at Hughes Aircraft even began holding annual celebrations in his memory, with many wearing Ed Greer masks.

Finally in October of 1988, seven years after Greer abandoned his family and career, the FBI caught up to him.

In an interview, the forty-year-old Greer tried to explain his actions: "I felt trapped. I didn't like my life."
Many people can identify with him. Many feel trapped, under too much pressure, in circumstances they just don't like. Many wonder how to escape. But God has a different answer.

Career, Freedom, Fulfillment, Joy, Peace, Stress
John 16:33; Acts 16:22-34; 2 Cor 1:3-11