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In January 1993 the Galeras volcano, located in Colombia, South America, suddenly erupted. One week later a geologist, Dr. Fraser Goff, was sampling gas vents in a canyon west of the volcano summit. The guide who was with him jokingly said, "Do you want to look at some gold?"

Dr. Goff picked up some of the rocks and later cut them into thin slices. He found that there was real gold in the rocks, quite a bit of gold. The naked eye could see tiny gold nuggets in the slices.

This was the first time scientists had detected visible gold particles in an active volcano. More than a year later Dr. Goff announced that the Galeras volcano, which remained active, was spewing more than a pound of gold each day into the atmosphere and depositing forty-five pounds of gold a year into the rocks lining its crater. he explained that magma from inside the earth has many components, including gold, and estimated that there is a gold vein at the base of the volcano that is at least ten feet wide.

Just as the ultra high heat and pressure of volcano can bring gold from below the surface of the earth, the pressure and fiery trials of our lives brings forth spiritual gold. If we draw close to God during difficult times, we find the gold of increasing faith, character, wisdom, and nearness to God.

Character, Faith, Stress
Rom. 5:2-5; James 1:2-4