Trouble with your child - blame the other guy!

Trouble with your child - blame the other guy!

Barna states:
American parents tend to blame other parents for the problems evident among today’s young people while excusing themselves from any blame. A large share of parents, however, do express worry about the future that their children will inherit and how prepared their children are to deal with the challenges of that future.
Have you witnessed parents blaming other parents, the church or anyone else but themselves? Have you been blamed for the problems of other people's children?

I have personally heard parents tell me:
* The other children did not show my difficult child enough love
* I know my child, (s)he is a good child and would never do this unless someone else led him/her to do it!
* My child is a good kid, but these other children are bringing him/her down

Too bad, because as long as Satan can get parents to blame others they will not take the necessary steps to have their children repent and receive the grace of God to do what is right. It is as though they chain them to sin by making excuses for them.
Their is no such thing as the perfect parent or the perfect child. Blaming each other wont resolve anything. And neither will excuses.
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Mary17 you have just destroyed the basis of modern psycology :)