True Faith

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But if you give yourself to the Lord,
you and Christ are joined together as one person.”
1 Corinthians 6:17

True faith is verified in your obedience to God.
[John MacArthur]
Good morning, Bob. I appreciate you.

This verse indicates that there must be surrender in order to gain oneness.
The "if" there implies that our oneness in Christ is tentative and a choice.
It also says, "yourself", not your heart which we must give also.
Give up your will, goals, all the things of this life. Surrender to God.

If I say a little prayer and go on my merry little way in life just doing what
is right in my own eyes then I didn't surrender.

If I have been a Christian for years but God doesn't move much in my life I
may have not completely surrendered myself to Him.

I must surrender to Him, don't you agree?