True Forgiveness

Jesus forgave us by sacrificing His life in order to compensate for the offenses we committed against Him. We too must forgive others the way he forgave us in order to accept his forgiveness (Matthew 6:15); because in order to accept his forgiveness we must believe in it by expressing the same type of forgiveness toward others.
I was thinking about the Scripture some chapters later in Matthew 18:21-35 when one of my Facebook friends told how some who called themselves christians expressed joy at the the prospect of her spending eternity in Hell. Such an attitude, to me, indicates how little they actually value their own salvation, having no concept of the magnitude of their own forgiven debt; how utterly hopless they themselves were before Jesus came into their lives.
Hi and God's blessings to all who are His! I believe true forgiveness is a by-product of neighborly and brotherly love, which doesn't function according to the quailty of its object but according to its nature!