Truly New Testament

Hi everyone,

Truly New Testament is a new site launched as a home site for ALL of Bondman's messages he's written and posted here on CFS. Those messages and comments will continue to be available here on CFS.

The messages are laid out by series, there were five, and all of the study resources and reference materials are a quick click away to maximize your study.

If you haven't ventured over to "The Inner Room" on CFS, it is highly recommended as well. A wealth of information can be found there which won't be on Truly New Testament. At the bottom of the right column on the CFS Forum page you will find a link to get you there.

The new site is an exciting expansion of Bondman's ministry vision. Each series (The Inner Room, Reaching Higher, Gems, Disciple! and A New Way) can be easily navigated and there is a full search function across all series. What is especially exciting about Truly New Testament is it's availability in both English and Russian. The Russian language messages are in the process of being translated now and "The Inner Room" message series is about 1/2 completed.

I hope you will find your way there and look us over, launch into a study of the New Testament which is designed to help you "Learn and Grow - to Maturity" (Christian Maturity, based on "Practical New Testament Christianity").

The link to the site is:

Thank you and enjoy the site.

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