Trust Priced

Saturday, December 21, 2013, 8:30 a.m. – The Lord Jesus woke me with the song “Why Are You Afraid?” going through my mind. Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Revelation 8-9, and these are the verses which jumped out at me (9:17-19):

The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury.

Yesterday afternoon I was not feeling well at all, so I lay down for a nap. As I was waking, I could hear in my mind the words “Trust Priced.” I wanted to know what that meant so I looked up the word “priced.” “Price” means “the cost of something; something sacrificed to get something else; or a sufficient bribe.” Something “priced” thus means it is marked with a price, or the cost is determined (Source: Encarta), or having a particular price (cost).

So, “trust priced” means that trust in humans, things, or in God comes with a price (a predetermined cost). When we place our trust in humans, for instance, we have to understand that it might cost us something, i.e. we may be required to sacrifice something in order to get something else, or we may just have to pay the natural consequences of that trust, particularly if the one being trusted turns out to be untrustworthy and, in fact, turns out to be a traitor. Similarly (or not), when we decide to put our faith in Jesus Christ, we must realize that there is a cost involved. Jesus paid the price for our sins so we could go free from the control of sin over our lives, yet when we come to him, by faith, and we are crucified with him, what that means is that we die to self and sin and we choose to walk by faith from this point on. Yet, what that also means is that we are then marked for death (the price), i.e. we will be hated, persecuted, rejected, despised and perhaps even killed for our testimony for Jesus Christ and for his gospel. Yet, we will live in victory over sin, walk in His righteousness, and we will have the hope and promise of eternal life with God. Amen!

A Hot Air Balloon

When I woke up from my nap, it was 1:30 p.m. After I researched “trust priced,” I then decided to check out the news. It was now around 2:00 p.m. I noticed in the news that President Obama was holding a press conference at 2:00 p.m., so I found a live feed of it on the internet (no TV), and I sat and listened as he talked and as he responded to the various questions asked. And, I took notes, because several things he said jumped out at me as having a hidden message to them, i.e. like a message within a message or a story within a story, i.e. the story hidden within is used as a device to reveal the truth in the outer story without really spelling it out. It is kind of like when people give us “hidden messages” through things they say, without them really coming out and saying them flat out.

As well, the Lord gave me an image of this press conference, which Obama was holding, as like holding a hot air balloon, i.e. it was a lot of hot air (filled with impressive and boastful talk about achievements or intentions that has no substance; inflated – Source: Encarta). That part was pretty obvious, as one could observe how he worked his way around questions, dodged the real intent of questions, and made things to sound better than they were, often denying the reality of the situation in favor of his “hot air” rhetoric. Yet, although what he said on the surface had little to no value, there was a strong message to the world contained within, which packed a punch, I believe. So, I will paraphrase what he said in order to give what I believe was the hidden message contained within the “hot air.”

The Hidden Message

I will preface my remarks concerning what I believe to be Obama’s “hidden message” with two other news stories I read in the news today, as they set the stage for Obama’s “hidden message” with what I believe are also “hidden messages.”

The first news article was about the supposed situation with N. Korea, and now in relation to S. Korea. Supposedly N. Korea is threatening to attack the south without notice as some type of retaliatory response to something the South purportedly did to insult the leadership of the north. What I believe the “hidden message” to be in this story is that Obama made a threat to all who oppose and/or who refuse to bow to the New World Order Beast, which is an insult to the beast N.W.O., and this threat extends also to those who hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ. The threat was made via his press conference (the hot air balloon), but also via the New World Order. Obama serves as a kind of “rattler” of the snake of the beast in that he is the mouth of the New World Order, i.e. his job is to shake things up; to instill fear; and to threaten impending danger via the snake beast (N.W.O.) to all who choose to not unify with the N.W.O. (beast). The message was sent supposedly by “the North’s highest military body,” which is the US/Obama/N.W.O. military body.

An article about the situation in Syria stated something similarly, with the same or similar hidden meaning (message), which is that Obama/US Gov. and the N.W.O. Beast comprise the true rebel groups coming against the governments of the world; and that the N.W.O, via Obama, as the voice, is calling for unity with the N.W.O. beast, and is branding anyone standing in non-compliance with the N.W.O. as a traitor, and thus is threatening violence.

Ok, what I believe the Lord Jesus is showing me here concerning the hidden message(s) in Obama’s press conference is this: He said that he “firmly believes” that 2014 can be a “breakthrough year for America,” i.e. “an attacking army's advance through and beyond an enemy's line of defense” (Encarta), or a sudden advance. In other words, the “breakthrough” he is expecting to take place in America is the advance of the N.W.O. military forces against our nation in a coup against our government so as to bring the U.S.A. underneath this N.W.O. rule of the beast. Concerning this “budget deal” in Congress, the true “deal” on order is a “deal with the devil,” i.e. the “grand bargain” Obama asked for of Congress, which is compliance with the N.W.O. in the rise of the New World Order out of the ashes of the old world order, which also means putting the “old order” of law to death. This “grand bargain” requires the U.S. government (and all world governments) to compromise “core principles.” This means that the governments of the world must yield control of their governments to the New World Order Beast or else pay the consequences, which is what Obama’s threats are all about, and basically sums up his press conference.

He also said that he thinks 2014 should be “a year of action.” The “action” I believe he is referring to is getting tougher on all world governments in order to force compliance with the global one-world government rule. He said we have to build on the “process we’ve painstakingly made” over the past several years. I know the process he is talking about, and it involves false flag operations, man-made storms/disasters, fake uprisings in nations in order to justify coming into nations to take them over, and the murdering of innocents, including our own, and including the slaughtering of Christians throughout the world. In other words, he is threatening more of the same, only much, much worse. Where he is going to focus all his efforts in the year ahead is in getting people to bow to the beast, for that is his job as “rattler” of this “beast”. The interests of America which he says he and his administration are “standing up for” “around the world” are the interests of the N.W.O., which is to get all governments and all peoples of the world to bow to the beast.

He said what he has been focused on “each and every day” is “moving the ball” (N.W.O.) in helping America to have “a little more security,” i.e. as in private security forces of BIG BROTHER, i.e. moving toward martial law. He said there are a “whole bunch of things” that they do which they don’t get credit for, i.e. hidden and secretive evil things. The transcript of what he said says he said: “I took this job to deliver for the American people.” What I heard him say was “I took this job to deliver 40 million people.” He almost said it under his breath, so I had to check it out to make sure I heard it right. I believe what I heard is the true meaning of his words, though not in delivering us from evil, but delivering us up to the N.W.O. Why he ran for office is for this “deal of the century” to take place, i.e. this “grand bargain.” In other words, Obama was placed in office for the very purpose of delivering the people of the world up to the New World Order Beast, I believe. God started me in this ministry of writing about these things just prior to Obama putting in his bid for the presidency, and the Lord Jesus has given me literally hundreds of messages about him since that time, and they are all consistent.

On another note, he said that the U.S. government has people whose job it is to keep “the American people protected.” What I believe he means is it is their job to protect us from the truth, which would mean these people comprise the media, which fills our minds with all kinds of fantasies about what is happening in the world so that we trust our government is truly doing what they say they are doing, and that way, since they have the support, generally speaking, of the American people, they can keep doing what they do in taking over other nations and killing innocent people, even Christians just for being Christians. They have to guard against “slips,” though, because then we might learn the real truth of who they are and what they do and the real truth about where this nation and world is headed, and then we would not be waving and saluting our flags and praising our military for keeping us “free.” They must keep us “dumbed down” with all sorts of daily drama to distract us so we don’t see what is really going on in the world around us. Obama said the only way to make this “balance” work between the illegal actions of BIG BROTHER via the N.S.A. and what he believes is necessary to keep us “protected” (from whom?) is if “the American people have confidence and TRUST.” Do you get the picture? As long as we trust them, they can continue to do their dirty work around the world with our support. Yikes!

One thing our government does regularly is to blame other nations for what we do. Obama said that our country “abides by rule of law,” etc. Not so! We are probably the guiltiest of all nations in breaking the law of love toward other people, for our government works for Satan (the Beast; N.W.O.). We are the ones “engaging in surveillance of their own citizens, targeting political dissidents,” and targeting and suppressing all who would dare tell the truth. Our government, though perhaps not all, operates much like the mob, only globally. The kind of “protection” they offer to people is the same kind the mob offers. If the “customers” or business owners (governments of nations) don’t want to pay the “protection money,” then they come in and do stuff to their “business of operation” in order to force compliance and then they have the “protection” of the U.S. Government/N.W.O. This is the “hardship provision” in the new law. If you don’t bow, we make it really hard on you. If we don’t accept this “transition” to the N.W.O., then they will have to break a few legs in order to get compliance. This is what Obama is threatening the world with. Bow or else!

This “hot air balloon” of the N.W.O., upon which our government is riding up, up, up into the air on its tail, has no escape clause. There is no way down from it, because they don’t plan to come down. But, one day God will judge them, and he will deflate their global “balloon,” and they will be on a free-fall to their deaths. In other words, this thirst for power has a price, and the price is destruction. Don’t put your trust in humans, for they are bound to fail you. Put your trust in God alone. He is our only hope for what ails this world right now. He will use all of this to revive his church and to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ, but then he will judge all the evil, and all the lies and deceptions, and all will be exposed.

The Letters / An Original Work / December 17, 2013

Based off Revelation 2-3

To the angels of all the churches write:
These are the words of your Lord and your God.
I know all your deeds, and your witness, too,
And who holds to My words and tells what’s true.
I know all your hard work and your perseverance,
Yet I hold against you: you’ve forsaken Me.
Listen to what I say to you.

You have people there who deny My name,
And who put the cross of Christ up to shame.
They entice the people to Me, profane,
And their worship of Me is all in vain.
They are so adult’rous as they chase their idols,
And you put up with them easily enough.
Listen to what I say to you.

You give off an image of godliness,
But what you present is so fraudulent,
Or else you lack passion for Jesus Christ,
So you look to others to tell what’s right.
I say turn from your sin, or you will face judgment.
He who overcomes will have eternal life.
Listen to what I say to you.

I know your afflictions and poverty;
How you suffer for your Lord patiently.
Do not fear the devil and company.
You be faithful to your Lord endlessly.
I know all your weakness and your dedication.
You have kept My Word and not denied your Lord.
I will write on you My new name.