Is an absolute by definition, so how do so many claim to have their own truth?
Pilate said; "What is Truth?"
Jesus said; "Thy Word is Truth?"

So, if there is NO absolute, everything by default is a lie.
Now then, if man decides what is "true" and what is "error" there are too many variables, due the unstable nature of man and differences in personalities, and is therefore subjective at best.
So, there has to be an absolute and the only absolute that is NOT debatable except after the fact is God.
In fact earlier Webster's includes in of the synonyms for "truth" as God.
God gave man absolute "TRUTH" by way of His Word and embodied this TRUTH in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, called "The Christ".
Yet now, though many say they agree with God's Word being absolute, they go to great lengths to look for "loopholes" if you will in order to get out of obeying TRUTH, rather than embracing the fact they have received the only ABSOLUTE TRUTH there is.

So, what do you think Jesus meant when He said about those who were unwilling to forgive as forgiven, after He lived His will for those who would inherit Christ within them as a model, as is written in 1 Pet 2:21

He says; "Bring those servants of MINE who did NOT want Me to rule over them and slay them before Me.

Again, it is written that those who "know Him" ought to walk as He walked.
Which begs the question, "How did Jesus walk?"
One need only read the gospels to answer this question.

The point is this; God has given each who have truly received the Christ the same power as Jesus to "walk as He walked". (in obedience)

Now, we know that Jesus NEVER sinned, but we do, CONSTANTLY.
He bears with us in our weaknesses, but knows us completely!
i think what i'm saying is this;
There are NO LOOPHOLES in God's perfect Word and it is NOT for man to decide what God meant, when His Word is so simple a child can understand it.
The only reason man has the need to complicate the simple instruction is to avoid obeying what God has already clearly said.

The only thing we're commanded to do is LOVE and that unconditionally.
The commandment is to "agape" and that is only possible by God's Spirit and is inevitable when indwelt by His Spirit.
Anyone who has received Christ has NO EXCUSE not to "agape" and that is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

John says in 1 Joh 4 that agape is evidence of knowing God and that the absence of agape is evidence one does NOT know God.
i believe this is because pride was the cause of lucifer's fall and is the cause of everyone else's falling as well.
But this area of love/agape is not negotiable as everything has been given to genuinely "perform" it.
Pride, will be the one thing that disqualified anyone who is NOT forever with Jesus.
And as Dr. J. Vernon McGee said: "Scratch the surface of any sin and you'll find pride just below the surface."

Pride is rooted in emotions. Pride is the essence of self and self esteem. Pride is the murderer from the heart. Pride is the adulterous spouse. Pride is the thief. Pride is the idolater. Pride is the bitter and unforgiving person who does great works. Pride is pastor that speaks one thing from the pulpit but contradicts himself when asked specifics. Pride is the woman who doesn't submit to the husband's authority in the home. Pride is the man who uses authority as a means of abuse. Pride is the teen who cheats on the test. Pride is the girl who tears others down with her words.
i know we all have other for instances we could add to this list, but the fact is, all of this comes as a result of INSECURITY and the only place to find security is in TRUTH and the only place to find ABSOLUTE TRUTH is the Word of God. The only way to receive the Word of God is to have ears to hear and the only way to have ears to hear is for God to open your ears and the only way God will open one's ears is in contrite humility.
Repentance itself is a gift. Jesus told Peter when restoring Him. "After you have BEEN repented." We know this from the transliteration of the word used "converted", which is the Hebrew shuv, meaning to repent.
This is the same word used in Psa 23 when David says; "You RESTORE my soul." The word "restore" here is also shuv. Salvation belongs to YHVH.

This is why David says in Psa 40:6 "My ears You have opened."

My question is this.
Have you humbled yourself before the God who made you?
If you have it will be evidenced in your love of people.
All people, and especially your love for those who have hurt you.