Trying To Be A Good Steward Of Blessings



Trying To Be A Good Steward Of Blessings

I've been much too proud. It's stunted my growth and grieved the Holy Spirit.

The things He has given me could become tools for self, so shun that sinfulness, and let all that He's made me, all that He's given me, be not about me and my ways, but to glorify Him let HIS will be done and let Jesus be magnified.

I must watch what comes into my thoughts and what occupies my time. I must watch - what is the meditation of my heart and what are it's purposes and and general direction? Even this wanting to grow in Christ can be for self, and be idolatry, so let me watch how much I think thoughts regarding how these things will help me. I can touch on those thoughts, but if they spark too much interest, I'm probably seeking self wants.

These very words I mustn't look at as my writing, but as something God is telling me. I mustn't post it up as an accomoplishment of mine, but as words that I still don't undertstand, and still need. I must not look at the fruit of God's work in me and think "Good job Mark.", but thank God for these words and if I believe they are His words, I must hold fast to them and remember what He has told me.

It is not over, I must press in hard and I must not lose any passion for Christ alone. Whatever desires are true and good, let them be all I have. And let me remember that prayer and it's reasons when I think that I have so little and when I want to complain. Let Christ be my portion.


Pride has been the downfall of many a Christian . As you see in some of the past Pastors ... Yes we need to check ourselves all the time so we don't let satan instill pride into our lives.

It is very easy as God Blesses us to think .... Oh yah, I am dolng good and then that's where it starts . Instead of giving God the Honour and the Glory we pat ourselves on the back and puff ourselves up .

Careful church .