Trying to come back

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Trying to come back

Hey all
I am trying to come back. I was banned because I was offended by a couple of emails and I did not respond in a gentle humble way. I am assuming I will be banned again once discovered, but I am still trying. I promise to not defend myself in anyway even if offended and I will be extremly careful not to offend anyone here. I guess we will see if I am allowed to stay as a member. I truly was not trying to be unjust to anyone even if they did not like what I said I still said it with a pure heart. I never have been one to be meek. I will try to temper my bold approch. Thanks

I am trying to come back because there are a lot of good people here that I trust. I have a few issues and concerns with my faith and walk with God that I will be seeking advice on. I value your collective judgement and wisdom.

Pastor Gary

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A Note frome the ENTIRE Mod Staff

The Moderator Team has placed this member on Probation. A notification of such was sent BY THE MODERATOR TEAM as a PM.

While we, as a Moderator Team, still have unresolved issues regarding the original situation, we as Christians, believe that forgiveness and understanding are values that we all possess. Certain details have come to our attention that have allowed us to offer a Probationary reinstatement to this member. However, this member knows what is expected regarding proper behavior and any variance from those expectations will be dealt with.

Certain members here will be receiving a PM from this Probationary member as part of the probation.

This particular thread will be closed at this time. We are asking that patience, cool heads and friendly postings be maintained in this CFS forum. Personality conflicts will be ever present in some cases, but we ask that ALL members THINK about what you are posting before you post it and how those words may affect your brothers and sisters in Christ here at CFS. Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on behalf of the ENTIRE Modeartor Staff.
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