Two Fingers

Anyone who's ever gotten stuck under a bar of free weights while bench pressing it knows only too late the importance of a spotter. Sure, the first reps are OK, but the last few get harder and harder until finally as we try to get that last one up, we find that all our strength is gone. We become stuck with a heavy weight on our chest that will eventually crush the life out of us!
If only we'd first secured a spotter. While standing their shouting encouragement to us, he watches us closely for the moment when all our strength is gone. It is then that he reaches out and places just one finger from each hand under the bar and with the added assistance of just those two fingers, we are able to raise that bar to the top. What we can't do on our own, we can accomplish every single time with our spotter.

Jesus is our Heavenly Spotter. No matter how great the weight of temptation or trial that God allows to be placed upon us, overcoming power and victory is just as sure as that last rep on the weight bench, if we simply choose to keep pressing onward and upward and not give up. All our efforts are worthless and unprofitable because without Jesus we can do nothing but with Jesus all things are possible. Therefore, the popular notion that Christians cannot overcome sin is a doctrine of devils that will prove to be an insufficient cloak of covering in the day of Judgment. Only the blood of Jesus can do that.

"For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. You have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin." Hebrew 12:3,4
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Very nice analogy.

I like to think of the Holy Spirit as creatine in my body. Creatine gives me extra power in the gym. When I'm on it, I feel like I can lift all the plates. However, as soon as I stop taking the creatine, I feel like a lose a little bit of power, and am not able to lift as much as if I were on the creatine. When taking creatine a person has to drink lots of water. The water could be the word of God.

So a spotter is Jesus, Creatine is the Holy Spirit, and water is the word of God.