Two interesting news stories from the US...

Two interesting news stories from the US...

Just thought you guys might all be interested by the following two stories. This is a very informative video about the difficulty of handing out gospel tracts in the US.
It's only three and a bit minutes long, and worth watching.

And this (from my point of view as an ex witch) is very interesting, and rather sinister. Thousands bring Times Square to a standstill for day-long yoga-thon to mark summer solstice | Mail Online This is what the world was doing on Summer Solstice (yesterday) in New York. (I was introducing myself on this site.)

The article describes this as an "impromptu" event, but it was obviously highly organised. You don't stop traffic in times square by just randomly wandering into traffic with a yoga mat.

Before I was Christian I took part in several of these events (meditate to liberate, etc) and they really do generate a lot of energy which hangs around for weeks and months even afterwards. I'm sorry to see that something similar has happened in New York... as if things weren't rough enough there. I see this as a sign of the times. While there are people who practise the physical aspect of yoga as a purely health oriented excercise, this was obviously much more than that. In other words, hundreds of people gathered to raise energy on the Summer Solstice. That's got to be bad.

I suppose we'll see a lot of this kind of activity as time rolls on.