two roles of Jesus, Messiah and Savior

two roles of Jesus, Messiah and Savior

I coppied this from a previous response of mine:

And if You read it, It is about Jesus as Messiah and Savior both:

.....I think there is a simple answer to this one:

1) Biblical hebrew's "Stem" system is often misunderstood

----That is a single Hebrew word, in it's various stem forms, for example would mean:

A) He has Killed

B) He has killed Himself

C) He will kill

D) He will kill Himslef

E) He was killed


---And as such not "every" possible "Lexicon" listing of a "Stem" and it's meanings can be applied at the same time, in a given circumstance, to "Automaticaly" prove how all the possibilities of all of the stems collectively, must be applied at once.

2) Biblical Hebrew is a "Pregnant" language, and just as in "English," if a word is looked up in a dictionary it can have multiple, and even contradictory meanings ( such as Irony, if I remember ),

---However with Biblical Hebrew, the "Pregnancy" can result in a single "Word" with over 100 to about 200 meanings -just for that one little word itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) However in the Book of Isaiah is found the richest most fertile grounds for finding messianic prophecies about Jesus, And

A) In Isaiah the quite lengthy and complex "Discources" showing the comming Messiah, and all that "entails" was to be a complex mix of "Multiple" roles to be fullfilled by this One individual ----Christ Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that

B) the "Mix" of Hebrew used in Isaiah, quite clearly blended both "Perfect," and "Imperfect," tense stems /constructions -to show that Jesus's role was clearly to be fullfilled in "Two" apearances, i.e., His 1st and 2nd Commings, And that

4) The complex picture "Illustrated" by the "Entire Bible," suports those divisions, by showing a perfect and complete Kingdom Of heaven, in which all of it's perfection and completeness does not "Seem" to be fullfilled here and now on earth, where the "Wheat" and "tares" grow together, But

5) That is because Jesus sits on His "Future" Throne over down Here, from His thrown in Heaven, as the "Partial" role of the Messiah King so far "revealed," and yet also "Dwells" within Us, as the complete fullfillment of His role as Savior here and now, And

6) As such a mix of the 4 views of revelation are fullfilled, in that the "Preterist View," if it were taught properly ( in my opinion ), it would have to teach the "completion" of it's theory ---in relation to Christ's Role of Savior, and the establishment of His kingdom as being completed ( but not fully manifest "openly" for all to see, in this flawed world of "Tares," -and thus my version of a "modified-preterist view," does not allow for the "Futurist" judgement aspects of Revelation to already have been fullfilled as the "Traditional" and "Flawed" preterist view holds ) , But the "Futurist View," in which I hold most of the mode ( and most accurate assesment ) of Revelation to have been comunicated, and it shows the "Futrist" role of the Messiah as comming King and Judge, So That

7) As Savior His role is Finnished and complete, and simply awaits our individual "Response" to it, while the "Messiah Kingship" role is the 2000 year progressive Revelation, or "Unvealing" of Christ, as the comming King and Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So That

8) Again I hold that it is due to our lack of understanding of some of the "Subtlies" of the Biblical Hebrew and greek which "We" do not understand which confuses us, While since God "Spoke" it into existance, clearly understands, and has indeed revealed His Words and intentions of it's total "perfection," And it is clearly God's understanding of His own Words which matter more than our lack of understanding of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And

9) Even though I know all of our Judeo-Christian Biblical Scholars of every age, do their best to "Butcher" clear and truthfull understanding of what the Bible is teaching us, when they wind up being used in the service of the "World System," and not God's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----And therefore we must interpret "Everything" Scholars say, with as much "testing," as we are to "Apply" to God's word, to make sure we are being "True" to God's intended "Meanings," no matter which way the "Winds" of Scholarship may blow,

----Because if Jesus is able to "Still" the very winds and raging seas of a "Storm," I am confident that Christ Jesus, and God the Father, can handle and quiet any "Raging Winds and Seas" of "Biblical Scholars."

-----And Amen, that My God is stronger than any and all Scholars combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----And even though You may assume this one statement of mine is sarcastic, what right have You got to tell Me, what I have indeed meant, Because I trully believe there are no more "Treacherous" winds or seas than those of Biblical Scholars

----when they are truly not relying on the Calmer of Winds, Christ Jesus, instead of the Maker Of Winds, the World System!!!!!!!!!

May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen. :bible:

Mike. :shepherd:

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Interesting , thanks for the thoughts. I personally believe the preterist interpetation to be flawed.