One of my friends says that U2 is his favorite Christian band...

The other one violently claims that U2 is not Christian.

Joshua Tree? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For? In the Name of Love?

Should I join one side of the argument? Or just bonk their two pumpkins together and tell them to behave themselves?:p
I say do both!!! :dance:

I suppose saying Bono isn't Christian is a matter of his own personal opinion~

Who is he/she to say? :confused:


You just want to see me bonk their two pumpkins together, don't you?:p

[Moe, Larry, Curly-style]

Seriously - in Vancouver, one of the pastors at the New Life Church recommended a song to the congregation. I think it was (Pride) In the Name of Love.

But another friend of mine says they're not Christian and it's wrong to think of them as such.

...oh well.:eek:
Whether U2 is Christian or not, if the song brings you a positive experience then there's not a problem, right?

And yeah....3 Stooges style, please!
One of my friends says that U2 is his favorite Christian band...

The other one violently claims that U2 is not Christian.

Joshua Tree? I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For? In the Name of Love?

Should I join one side of the argument? Or just bonk their two pumpkins together and tell them to behave themselves?:p
I dunno...but I don't shun any song that does not grieve the Lord. I guess we will find out if Bono & his crew are saved when we get to heaven.
Bono claims Christianity....

and wait til American Angel sees this thread!!!
She loves U2!!!
ooooooohhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeessssss I dooooooo love U2!!!!!!!!!!:D

People expect that because I am a believer that I somehow have all the answers. And I was saying that really I have more questions, as a result of being a believer, and the road I am going down is a road with many side roads, and you get lost along the way and I don't feel that I’m a very good ad for God, y'know. If ever there was a sinner there is one here."BONO
I would like to share this with you. This testamony means alot to me. It kinda explains how my username came to be.;)


July 5/through the 19/05

First off I’d like to give my Father in heaven all the glory for everything that has taken place in my life, good and bad, for without even the sad things I would not be who I am today. Thank you Holy Spirit, thank you Jesus for watching over my family and me and blessing me with a wonderful life.

I thought about how I should start this…. and it comes down to a few words Bono said. “I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me.” I love many songs for many different reasons, ‘REJOICE’ being at the very top. It is a song of worship and a song of freedom to me.

The first time I heard about U2 was on the radio. The songs were “Pride” and “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. It was May 2003. After that I wanted to know everything about this band. Thank God for the Internet! Because of my religious background, I have to admit that I was not sure if U2 was ok to listen to.
So I wrestled with God. Why is this happening to us? There are some things I will probably never understand, is why some people feel like they have ‘arrived.’ Am I not an original? Special by design? One of a kind? Now, I may have been able to bear with them for me, but when my daughter was hurt, that turn it all around. But God has the final say-so and He worked it all out.

So here enters U2 into my life, and I questioned God, Why? Why this ‘rock’ group? The more I learned the more I realized that God brought them into my life to say some soul-searching words to me. I know God can speak to me directly and He has. But, God can use anything or anyone to give a message. Remember the donkey?

With out a goal in life, you just wander. A soul with out a vision, parishes. There is a destiny awaiting each of us; I began to find mine. At first, I prayed for this group, each of them individually and for their families, their future endeavors, the worldwide concert, Bono’s mission. At some point I felt like an obsessed woman, waking in the middle of the night and with tears praying for U2. This was all before knowing about Edge’s family crisis. I prayed for this world and America. I began to see the world in a whole new sight. I never paid much attention in history class, and so by learning the background of U2, I got a history lesson. Nothing ever bothers you if you’re not aware. I was becoming aware. Ali intrigued me as well. She’s a good role model as a mom and wife, out ‘doing’ good things in her community, and now has her own clothing line, which intertwines to help people. Are we here to just exist? To just fend for ourselves, not get involved, not voice anything, just be a wall flower all of our life?

Thanksgiving 2004, I started a letter, ok, a fan letter. Why God, why do I feel this overwhelming need to write to them. I must be crazy. Don’t I know how many looneys’ there are out there? But I did. Mailed it to the only address I could find, Dublin 1. While I wrote over a period of 3 to 4 weeks, I saw a vision of an Angel. Don’t laugh, visions are real! She was handing out something. It took a few days to draw her. Angels are ministering spirits sent by God to help us, protect us and can do incredible feats. I collect them and have drawn them on occasion as gifts. So I drew an angel as a gift to Bono and Ali. To say I agree with your vision and want to be a part of it and to be a part of Bono’s first wish. That most of all, I believe that America, even with her own debts and problems and most recent crises, will reach inside herself and give; not just give, but give biblically and abundantly, despite some na-sayers.

I don’t know if they received the fan letter and drawing, I may never know. It was mailed just before Christmas 2004; we all know what happened around that time. Lots of people and nations helped anyway they could, including America.
When it looks like nothing is changing and everything looks impossible, and all the wet-blankets are having a field day, remember that’s when a miracle is on the way.
That Angel had (keys) fish and bread in here hand. We need to remind people what the Bible clearly tells us. To help those in need. To truly get up off our knees and quit waiting for someone else to do it. To put our words into action.
She held fishes and loaves and she stands for America. America is a very young nation still, similar to the young lad at the feeding of the 5000. Jesus asked a disciple (that's any of us) to feed them (the crowd). This same disciple had a problem with the cost (finances), because there were so many and it was a remote place. Another disciple went in search, of what I'm not sure, but he came back with a young boy with a lunch.
Bono, you may just be that kind of disciple. Asking, seeking and knocking. And when we do our part and not forget to add God (the true bread), look at the miracle that came and will come out of that!

Bread: word of God; food; slang for money.
Bread upon the waters: resources chanced or charitable deeds performed without expectation of return.
Fish: food; nutrition; medicine; to seek something by round about means.
I love you like a brother Bono. God Bless You.

When we agree, together we can--AmericanAngel.
I actually toss and turn about this one......

There are biographies here:






I like there music (although I completely stopped listening to them during there achtung baby/zooropa/pop era)

Of all their albums, October is the strongest Christian one.

I really cant say at this time that they have found the one they are looking for.

Not being prideful or anything, I am actually in one of their videos....
Believe it or not, some parishes in the Episcopal and Anglican churches have held communion services called "U2charist." Eucharist, U2charist, get it?

It is essentially liturgy set to the music of U2. Very interesting!