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You've just promoted your site here. One good way of promotion would be to include it in your signature and get involved in discussions.
Another way is to invite your friends and church members to use it. Link exchange with relevant sites might increase page rank.

Otherwise, you can always advertise through google adwords if you have the resources.
Sorry for the late reply, Gibby.

There's no minimum spending requirement and the amount you pay for AdWords is completely up to you. For example, you can set a daily budget of five dollars and choose to pay five cents each time your ad is clicked. You're charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.

You can chose the best keywords for your site (not necessarily the common ones) so you dont pay as much as your competitor pays. Google adwords provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget.

The Keyword Tool generates potential keywords for your ad campaign and reports their Google statistics, including search performance and seasonal trends. Visite this link for the tool:
Thanks Jeff. Have you used adwords and has it worked at all for you? It sounds appealing. I tried adsense for a while but the sites that it began to promote were way off of being at all biblical and I only made about 4 dollars in 6 months so I canned it. Of course adsense is something completely different and now I am off of topic so never mind on that...
Gibby, some of the christian forums that I visited were through adwords ads. I was assuming that there might be many like me doing the same thing. I couldn't advertise on adwords for long because I thought I would rather spend that money on buying a better hosting package. :D
Good luck with the forum you're running brother in Christ.

I am new here but I see this forum is very feature packed.

Now I just need to get to know all my brothers and sisters here.

Plus, I just registered at your forum too.

I was in England when I was in Junior High School here in the States.
Hi everyone, brothers and sisters in Christ,

I feel God has put at our fingertips the means to provide High Quality Bibles by the millions all around the world. In the home page I've made (kind of rough right now) I point to a method where Christians all around the world who are online, in the multitude of Christian Forums, can UNITE around one central Mission: Getting High Quality Bibles out to everyone, everywhere, "in their face" so to speak... The final warning during this latter rain we're in now.

Every forum that gets behind this will benefit. We'll be telling and showing one another how we're out in the world giving away, FREE, whole Bibles to people at work, people at restaurants, people in pubs, people in hospitals, people in prison, EVERYWHERE.

All we have to do is each create websites that tells everyone about our network, right in the DOMAIN NAME of the website. We can create these all in a Oneness of purpose... by taking domain names of:

We can and should have millions of these with all our names on them, all saying right in the domain name that we're reading God's Word the Bible.

Through this we generate incomes that allow us to purchase very High Quality Bibles and give them away freely to anyone and everyone all around us. We can as well have them shipped to whatever missionaries we'd like to support, in the languages they need them --- The whole Word of God.

This can become an awesomely exciting activity that is present in all the Christian Forums all around the world and used to bring more and more new people into each particular forum.

It's all explained fully (in the rough right now) in my home page. About 2/3rds down there is a movie that explains the networking, income generation part.

We can each be the rain drops that are watering the Earth with the Gospel during these last days...

Each forum should have their moderators come in and there should be a Topic set up named: Read The Bible Network RTBN. There people can be gathered together in this network and chime in to declare what wonderous blessings our Lord is performing before our eyes as we freely give Him (He wrote the Bible, He is the Bible, we are to give Him freely to everyone).
Not sure. I will see after the first of the year; I may start with a small amount and see if anything happens. Sorry to hijack your thread, by the way.

Thats fine. Let me know if you decide to do it next year, It might be something we can both do :questionmark:
We have used and use google adwords, it can get costly unless you have a decent budget and also control the daily spend limit.

We use it more for our paid areas of our sites so that way we hope to cover our costs.