Un ange

Un ange

Something I decided to share. I got inspiration from this:

Listen while you read.

I guess it could be a part of a longer story. I'm just piecing it together little by little. If you guys want more, just let me know.

Oh yeah, nobody get any ideas to steal this, or else...

(C) NearertoGod

...And the sky was a deep and rich blue, a hint of green deep within it, and the horizon was a rusty, hazy golden-red, the trees were leafy black fingers reaching up into the sky that had not yet completely given itself to the night. The air seemed to grow still, and everything held its breath - even the birds who had not stopped singing their chansons du soir grew silent, as if what was before them had taken away all their mind to sing. There were very few words to describe what was before us - with wings of flaming silver, a hint of blue-black darkness on the tips, eyes that flashed like internal fire and a voice that shook within our breast, it was a sight to behold. In one hand he held something like a scepter or a sword, and it flashed and then disappeared, flashed and disappeared again. The horses which we rode on came to a stop, their bodies grew tense and their eyes pricked forward so stiffly even my finger could not untwist them. I had never seen anything like it before. It was not a weak, frail creature, nor just a mere mortal man...it was truly an angel in all the sense of the word. I could not hold my eyes upon this vision for long, and so I lowered my eyes to my horse's mane and clenched my fingers through the coarse black hair while my whole body trembled from the shock.