Unanswered Prayers

All prayers are answered. It is up to us to recognize the answer.
If we expect a certain answer, and do not get it, then we did not recognized the answer.

Suppose the answer is not a confirmation. Is that not an answer? Yes it is, if we recognize it as such.
God will not confirm an untruth, deception, satan, what we don't need, or to please our ego, etc.
So a non-confirmation is an answer by no answer. The answer is found by our own honesty about self.

Suppose we pray for tolerance and God answers us with everything we lack tolerance for. Is God not answering the prayer? Yes He is, as a teacher. He is giving us plenty of exercise and practice in toleration. Some things need to be learnt, and not just suddenly be given insight, a history of how to tolerate, an understanding of what to and not to tolerate, how much to tolerate during someone else's growth, etc. All these things come from practicing tolerance.

I am about to die. I pray for an extension on life, and I get no reprieve. Has God not answered my prayer? Yes, by not confirming my life in this world. Life here is for the body only. We are not the body, though we have one. We are not here for self, but for the soul. We are to preserve the soul as best we can, by following Jesus Christ, to be worthy of divinity. Our true life is beyond this one. So why worry about this one, unless the soul is in danger of barely ...escaping through the flames [1 Cor 3:15]. If so, then use what time one has to clean house and be filled with the Spirit of God.

Faith in God will reveal all answers to our prayers. Some are so deep in Truth, it will take much faith, in our humility, to see it. Those who are truly humble 'know' their prayers are answered.
The answer is always the Truth, and always for the betterment of the soul - if we recognise the answer. It is in our recognition that the answer gets embedded into the soul.

As Jesus said many times. Do not be afraid, have faith, and believe in me.
John Hagee once said in a sermon, "God answers all prayer, it may be Yes, or no, or wait; and two of those we don't want to hear."
John Hagee once said in a sermon, "God answers all prayer, it may be Yes, or no, or wait; and two of those we don't want to hear."
No, wait! Not those two!
Funny, but sad.

In a nutshell:
If the answer is 'yes' or 'no' then our prayer was only to confirm a truth and a faith we already knew from God's given conscience (of right and wrong). How often, upon receiving such an answer, have we said to ourselves: "I knew it all along".
If the answer is 'wait' then our prayer is under instruction, teaching us to be obedient to God's will. In waiting, we allow God to intercede in our prayer.