Understand The Authority That's behind You

Understand The Authority That's behind You

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore ... Matthew 28:18-19

Immediately after the Lord Jesus declared that He had been given all authority, the next word He spoke was "Go!" In other words, the Master delegated His authority to us, to function in His Name. Jesus said "I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy" (Luke 10:19). You are supposed to exercise authority over satan and every demon of hell, over sickness, disease and poverty. However, if you're not conscious of that authority, you will find yourself subject to those over whom you ought to be exercising the authority of Christ.

When you are conscious that the power of God Almighty is back of you, it wouldn't matter what comes against you. It's just like that traffic warden who stands on the street to control the traffic. Once he raises his hand to signal "stop", even if the vehicle approaching him weighs over five tonnes, it's got to grind to a halt. The driver of that vehicle may be mad at him and even insulting, but he's got to stop! He may hate the warden's face, but he must obey. Why? It's not because the officer has the physical strength to stop him, but because of the power that's behind him. If he refuses to stop, he will then face the wrath of the law behind the warden.

That's the same way it is with you; the enemy and his forces may scream and threaten all they want to, but when you stand in the Name of Jesus, they've got to obey you! Refuse to be intimidated by whatever you see - the power that created and sustains the universe is backing you.

In the Name of Jesus, I exercise my God-given authority. I put a stop to everything around me that is not of God and I allow only those things that are consistent with my calling. I refuse to be intimidated by the forces that come against me, because greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
We can't forget the strength we have through the power of God.
Jesus~There is power in no other name.
Even the devil trembles at his name!
Amen to the truth!

You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today! People have just been testing me and making my spirit weak but they do have to respect the authority of Jesus Christ and I thank him for that!

Hmmm, I’m actually going to have to disagree with some aspects of the initial post…if that is not too presumptuous on my part?

Where does scripture say we are to “exercise authority over satan and every demon of hell, over sickness, disease and poverty.â€
The passage quoted simply stated that the disciples were given authority all the POWER of the enemy…not that we had some magical ability to remove sickness, poverty etc. at the recitation of a simple phrase, or command demons to do our own bidding.
Jesus stated that we would always have the poor among us, for example…and scripture makes a clear delineation between illness and infirmities that were physical rather than demonic.

This smacks of the Word Faith doctrine to me, suggesting that we can somehow control our environment and that all are intended to live this life healthy wealthy and happy.

It is the wise individual who recognizes that everything comes from God, and God only gives good…and that includes allowing suffering in this life if it elevates our position in the next. “In the name of Jesus†is not a magic mantra to achieve comfort in the now; rather it is a call to the individual to surrender to the authority the name evokes to achieve HIS will in eternity. Why should demons germs or finances listen to us if we do not first conform to Him…and if we are conformed to Him why would we seek such temporary vices when God’s glory is so often better achieved by less comfortable means? How many would seek God if they lacked nothing, and having accepted God how many would pursue Him further if they met no greater challenges? Comfort breeds complacency, not active devotion.
Rather than resting on the laurels of God’s greatness, we should be examining every instance of our lives to see whether it is an opportunity from God to move closer to Him, the painful result of our own folly (and hence a warning to change course), or something He merely asks us to accept in faith…trusting all will be made clear in His good pleasure.
As far as disagreeing not a problem here- we are all learning and growing and may never agree on everything, that being said-

Have you ever commanded a storm to go in Jesus Name amd watch it happen? Have you ever prayed for the sick and seen them healed? prayed for provision and watched it come?, have you ever given a Word from God and seen it come to pass?, have you ever prayed over a seemingly hopeless situation and seen it change almost instantly ?- I have seen all these things and more and I am nobody special- have you I believe we have an awesome amount of power but that only when we are doing God's will and demonstrating His heart- God loves His children and loves to bless them- perhaps He may bless you with the obvious or perhaps He may bless you with a trail- God's Word isn't about gold coins and cadillacs falling from the sky but He does give us authority over demonic spiritsas is demonstrated in the following text:
Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

So sometimes you have a trail and sometimes you are under attack how are we to know the difference- this is were discernment comes in- the Word of Faith movement may have gone to the extreme end of the subject but according to God's Word many of their principles are sound-
don't throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater- In His name Larry

Fair enough; far be it for me to diminish what God is able to do through or in spite of us.
I have to wonder, however, what profit there is in commanding the weather, unless you can avert a tsunami or end a drought in Africa?
What gain is their in healing a physical infirmity if the soul is still damaged?
What gain is there if I cross a lake by walking rather than swimming or canoeing to the other side, so long as I arrive safely?
I will gladly trade all the signs and wonders for a changed life; to be able to forgive those who wound me and treat them no differently than before, to be patient with my children no matter how tired and frustrated I am after work, to place the needs of others above my own selfish desires…these things will increase my faith and benefit others. It is the wicked and adulterous who require a sign from above, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.
To be sure one can find much truth in any religious movement, including the Word Faith teachings, yet it takes but a miniscule amount of poison to spoil the food and kill consumer. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, yes, but don’t bath him with sharks either.
I guess I am simple enough to believe for both-:D - I am responsible for my walk with Jesus - I won't be to quick to point a finger at flaws in someone elses doctrine ( as long as it doesn't effect salvation) because surprisingly enough even mine may not be perfect- LOL!- anyway if you are saved and seeking God with a honest heart He will deliver you fom bad doctrine as you grow in Christ- and yes I like to say sharks do swim in all kinds of waters but so do christian fish- I love the church of my Lord!