Unforseen blessings

Several years ago, my husband and I had become quite used to our empty nest when our daughter began having severe problems with her husband, and eventually divorced him. We live in a very rural area and most jobs here pay very little, so she could not afford child care at the same time she was having to pay rent, so we became the designated baby-sitters full-time. This put a serious crimp in our lifestyles, and to perfectly honest, I was having a terrible time accepting raising children again. But, God knew far better than I just how much we needed those children in our lives and how much they needed us. I can't thank Him enough for allowing us the privilege of having these boys in our lives on a daily basis. We have watched them changed from frightened babies to happy, care-free children, and they brighten our lives every time they are here. So, I've learned (once again) that God has a better plan, no matter what I think at the time.