University of the People

So I just finished my first year and thought I'd share my experience.

I started university last year (I'm 50 now) and it's tuition free (meaning you pay for the test, each are $100, so after 4 years it'll only cost $4000 if you don't fail a test), universal (meaning anyone that can speak English), and they have two degree programs, computer science and business administration. It's 100% online and accredited with the U.S. Department of Education. It's called University of the People. They call themselves U-0-People as in "You Owe People". Here's how I found them and why they exists:

It's not easy, and it will take you four years, but I've learned so much in my first year. I really enjoy it. There is a lot of research you have to do, a lot of reading, and a lot of writing. With me being older, it takes me a bit longer and I'm a perfectionist, so I spend too much time on every task. I have a full-time job so I only work on evenings and weekends. Just last month they started accepting credits from other schools, so I might get to finish earlier than 4 full years. I've not yet submitted my ancient credits so I'm not sure what they'll take. Each term is 9 weeks long with 2 weeks between them making it 5 terms a year. I take two classes per term. After your 4th term you can take 3 classes if you want.

Most of my classmates are other countries. All but one of my instructors were from outside the USA. I've had a Greek, Italian, Israeli, French, Nigerian, South African, Chinese, Korean, and USA instructors.

I don't get anything for sharing this information (besides you don't know me personally). Even if you're not out for a degree, having the constraints to accomplish the work, propels you to learn. I highly recommend it, if not for anything more than taking a single class every now and again to keep the space between the ears alive. :)
Thats great abidcate that reminds me now I've got some time to finish my online Bible study. Its not university of the people its world Bible study and you gain certificates for completing each module. Its free. And online and anyone can do it.

I found for me full time work and in a physical job like Ive been doing studying on top of that I just did not have the time or energy. But I do believe whatever age you are, keep learning. There is always something new to learn don't stop.

I'm a big advocate of free education. Did Jesus charge people to listen to his sermons? I dont think so. He held them in the open for everyone to hear. What about Paul. Nope.

Ok the gospel is free without charge what about other things. I've been on free courses and Ive been on ones you need to pay. I definitely remember learning so much from the free courses that I draw on in my daily life. The ones I paid for, well i did learn things but I also remember how much more stressful the ones that charged fees were. And part of that was the stress of having to earn money to pay for it or being in debt.