University Study on Purpose in Life:



University Study on Purpose in Life:

Hi folks.

This is my first time on this forum, so just to introduce myself...

My name is Adam. I'm studying a masters degree in psychology at Macquarie University in Australia. As part of my studies, I am undertaking research on what atheists and theists consider to be their purpose in life. Purpose in life is a very interesting topic because it is obviously a major driver of people's behaviour, and I am interested in exploring how the two groups may differ on the topic or how they might in fact be similar.

To get some answers to the question, I was wondering if some people out there might be prepared to write a paragraph or two on what they consider to be their purpose in life.

Because this is a Christian forum, I am going to assume most responses will be from theists. However, if you do happen to be an atheist, then please state this so that I can group the responses accordingly.

Once I have got a series of responses from both groups, I'll go away and analyze the data, then I'll come back here and report the results in a few weeks time. In addition, I will report some results from the scientific literature - in particular, research from the area of positive psychology which is starting to investigate these kinds of big-picture questions in earnest.

Any help would be much appreciated.


As a "Jesus freak" ( I have been called much worse)
My life :
Job and all else

My walk with Christ-
Jesus is first and foremost the center of every aspect of my life. His Holy Spirit walks with me, talks with me, leads me, guides me, encourages me, teaches me and so much more. This is and has been my greatest joy. To grow in my relationship with Him by moment by moment, to learn the Word of God as He gives me revelation, to encourage and edify my Christian brethren and share Christ with those who do not know Him- this is a very incomplete and generalized list my main goals in life. If I achieve these goals (through His power) then all the other goals I have below will quite simply fall into place. I can testify to the veracity of that.

Family- to be a loving husband and a good provider, to be a loving dad and train up my kids in the ways of Christ, to instill in them a sense of right and wrong, to help, to lift up, to correct (when necessary) and to spend as much time interacting with my family being a real part of their lives- this is a very brief and incomplete summary of my family goals.

Country- to pray for this nation, to pray for it's leaders, to speak the truth in love and vote my conscience. To stand up in the face of darkness and to let His love and light shine. My God is the source of all wisdom and blessing- a nation that follows His way is a blessed nation indeed.

Job- to do all things as unto the Lord- I must present my absolute best at all times or I simply will not put my hand to it. To be a light in my workplace and to let others know that there is true peace and joy to be found in relationship with Jesus Christ.
As far as seeking promotion I have always found that if I followed the above principles it would find me.

The rest- to find myself in the perfect center of His will for my life that I might reach those people He would put in my path.
To be completely debt free- it is no fun being under the harsh taskmaster of debt.
To enjoy every minute of my life for each beat of our hearts is but a love gift from Him.
To see His hand moving in my life molding and shaping me through every circumstance. He has after all promised to "work all things for the good of those who love Him- and I have never found Him anything but faithful.

This is about as brief as I can make this.:)

I am adding you Adam to my prayer list- watch out I have never seen Him fail to answer my prayers-
Brother Larry.


Thanks very much for that great response. I will report back in a few weeks.

That which you turn to for strength and hope, that is your God.
Be it self, money, drugs, sex, or the creator of the universe.