Feb 11, 2008


I am but an unworthy wretch,
yet upon the cross His arms,
He did stretch.
Yet, still am I worthy?
I was born in sin,
I was raised in sin,
I was reborn so that,
I cared not to sin.
Yet still am I worthy?
As now His child,
many changes took place,
for the joy,
to look into His face.
Yet, still am I worthy?
I began to backslide,
on what appeared to be,
the life so desired to ride.
Only to find,
the need for it to hide.
As it was taken in stride,
my ego burst with pride,
until the day came,
that I broke down and cried.
I remembered the cross,
on which He was tossed.
And peered on His
One Nail Scared Hand to the Other.
Yet still am I worthy?
On the cross He did die,
to cover my sin and my lies.
He rose in three days,
so I do have a way.
Yet still am I worthy?
Yes I think that I am,
but that which I am,
is what I am,
An unworthy wretch,
deemed worthy,
by His stretch.

January 2008