Upset on court ruling closing edited film companies

Upset on court ruling closing edited film companies

Anyone else upset about the court ruling which now shuts down three US companies which bought DVD's, edited them to rid them of profanity, nudity and sexually suggestive scenes, then sold you both the original (destroyed so you could not turn around and sell it) and the edited copy.

My family rented these regularly and all are very disappointed in this court ruling.
I guess not too many others would use this service. Unfortunately, many Christians sit in front of the TV idol and worship hour after hour, blindly accepting profanity, nudity, and worldviews contrary to the Scripture. Too bad!

For the past several months my family has been watching old movies on the weekends. They are not bad! I did spend some time researching alternatives to the edited movies and found several.

You can read about the alternatives in my latest blog entry here:
Safe Movies

Hope this helps those parents who are looking to protect your children.
I had never heard of this service, but you're right, its too bad it was shut down. I don't watch much in the way of TV or movies, except when something exceptional comes along. I might have been interested. I enjoyed the "Love Comes Softly" series.
BTW, I like the covered bridge on your blog.
May the Lord bless you & your family.

Thanks for noticing the bridge. I took the picture last year. The bridge is on the way to my church. I must have taken 50 pictures that day!

God bless.
I think that this was probobly because editing movies is illegal somehow without permision. I find that you can just skip parts that aren't safe for young children, watch the movie without the kids or just not watch the movie in the frist place.
Overall there are alot of good movies that have some swearing sexual content ect. ect. I find it senseless how much people put in some movies.
It is sad what goes into movies. We just won't watch pg13 or R movies unless we know exactly what is in it. I would not eat an omlet with just a little bit of dog poop in it either. It may be made with the best ingredients, etc. but just a little bit of poop is too much for me. I wonder if our Lord is grieved by how we tolerate so much.

Sure does take much effort, doesn't it?