dear brother

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Please note that I am a new member but although it was activated still I am not able to access any way
Please help me to get it done
Welcome to CFS...We are glad you joined us.

As far as your question, if you look under your avatar, it says "Partial Member." All new members come in as partial until they past their 5th post. During that time, you are limited to the areas of the forum you can participate in. After you have past the 5th post, the name will change to "Full Member" status which at that time, you will be able to roam around the forums.

Just keep posting, the more you post, the more forum permissions are opened up to you.

God bless,


re urgent

dear brother
Previsouly I was not open or login that is why I said I could not access.
Otherwise I am very thankful for your assistance
Hey welcome Jagen brother to CFS! Hey only 2 more posts and your in fully as a whole member. I'm so happy to meet another brother from another mother. God Bless you abundantly this day and all ways. Your New brother in Christ Chili/Matt

Thank you God for another brother that I just met.
Hey Jagen did you know that I got 6 billion brothers and sisters? :) Well I do. I just haven't met them all yet. Hehehe
Welcome aboard to you and your family.

Chili out.