US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

I too long for a day of no more wars.

I look forward to the Millenial Kingdom, and the everlasting peace that will be brought in at the new earth.
(there will be 1 more war at the end of the Millenium, but Jesus will quickly put it down.)

It's going to be an awesome time, and I hope to see you all there.
Why be complacent and apathetic? Yes, Christ will usher in a new age of peace, but when he will bring it is a mystery. In the interim, why can't we as a people rise up against evil in all its forms and work towards change? I find it diffiult just to make it through the day sometimes, but that doesn't stop me from confronting intolerance, hatred, and evil when I see it.

Global Economic Colonialism is destroying the world. The superpowers of the western world are leading the way.

Let me say that I am not passing judgment on anyone when I say this, but I for one would like to be able to tell my Lord that I did not rest complacently on my laurels in a world of evil because I was waiting for him to fix it for me. I have faith in God, but I am called to act.
sorry but i wouldn,t know what was right and wrong on such a grand scale.hard enough dealing withh day to day stuff.the high profile people should clean themselves first.


I have seen 4 different new sources that cliamed Israel was seeking to destory nuclear materials in their air raid on Syria. Supposedly this was being donated by N Korea. Can you imagine those maniacs with nukes- they cannot wait to blow up as mnay innocents as possible.
Isn't Israel considered by the prez of Iran to be the little satan and we, America, the great satan?
He is making friends with Russia, China and N. Korea. We really need to beware of him. He's seriouly, serious in his dillusions.


I have heard this man promise to kill us all. His religion claims that if there is enough destruction and chaos his false saviour will appear ( we know him as anti-christ)- so he feels that it is his duty to start such chaos.Very dangerous indeed!