Utah 4-Day Work Week

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Well, it is certainly a good thing. I can attest to that. I had a job over 10 years ago (my age is showing), where we were given the option of working 5- 8 hr. days, or 4- 10 hr. days. I opted for the 4 - 10 hour days, and then I was able to have a three day weekend (where I then picked up a second part time job those three days). I loved the 4 day work week. At my dads current employer (as a government employee) they also give some employees the option of a 4 day work week.
Some of the employees here are doing 4-10's. But there's drawbacks to it...

Longer hours mean that they have to keep on working while others are off work. They get tired more easily, bored, and they tend to stretch on meetings and breaks. Some of them were even counting their walks and drive-time to work. One employee would take an hour each day to walk, and she was marking it down as work. That had to stop in a hurry.

I sat in on a meeting once and they talked about everything from their washing machines at home to innoculations for pets. "Are we going to get on with it sometime soon?":mad:

Most of the 4-10 people are non-tribal members.

It's good for our archaeologists though! They have to drive out to the site, set up, and then start work. This gives them eight hours in the field, two hours driving. Perfect!:)


3 days off a week is awful nice and I never had a job I didn't work 10 to 12 hours a day in so it seems cool to me. Another personal choice I guess.