Very interesting occurence...

Very interesting occurence...

Years ago, I was Catholic. Very, very religious. I had few friends, but was quite simply content with having Jesus. I'd spend many a night awake in bed (Even as a young child, I was a manic-depressive insomniac with frequent thoughts of suicide) thinking about how I wished I was there when Jesus died so that I could take his place on the cross and save him.

Being a child, I attended religious instruction. So, of course, there were set dates for confession. One such day, I decided to go first. This left me with plenty of time to say my "three Hail Mary's". I finished them rather quickly, and knelt at the pew. I gazed at the crucifix above the altar. I don't remember how long it was, but it felt like an eternity. Soon I was no longer even seeing the crucifix. I do not recall what visions I saw; That space in my memory is blank.

And so I was in a trance. When I awoke from it, it was because something startled me. I felt pressure in the middle of my forehead. It almost felt like three fingers(Touch your index and ring fingers together and put them under your middle finger; Then touch your forehead. That's sort of how it felt) touching my forehead.

I left the church baffled by this: What was it? I asked my teacher. She looked at me funny and told me "The Holy Spirit"

I have dome some study in Eastern philosophy. These teachings state that there are multiple "chakras", energy gates within the body. Te one where I felt this sensation is the "Third Eye". Look it up.

On a different note, I feel something similar when I meditate. This is a stimulation of the Third Eye. Since then, I've had an increased percetion of the world around me, and even that which is not necessarily tangible. For instance, I can see fields of energy around peoples' bodies. From this I can learn things about people: For instance, one that is very vibrant and has well-defined edges is usually a good indication of a powerful thinker, someone who is very lucid in life.

Anyway, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are. This goes to my point about commonalities between all spiritual beliefs.
Anyway, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are. This goes to my point about commonalities between all spiritual beliefs.

Objectively speaking;
No doubt there are common aspects to all spiritual beliefs. The most prominate being that they all are subjective and in some way provide pleasure or comfort to the spirit or mind. To some extent there is a spiritual element to many things. Exersize and sex to mention a few.
It is that internal, pleasure, comfort that draws many to the spiritual relm, including to various extents many christians.
So the question that everybody should be asking is not how they are the same but in what ways are they differant.
Because it is that differance which makes the differance.;)

The vary basic fundimental aspects of life on this planet derived from the authur of the bible.
In it's words lie the explination for the origins of the universe and the actions of man on this earth.
This whole planet is based on a seven day week. For thousnads of years ,from the begining of recorded time, it has been set that we work six and rest one. The world calender today is set on one single event, so prominate, so inclusive that it's happening has changed the way the world counts it's days.
That event was the presence, life of Jesus.

The historical record of the bible has so many times been tested and found to be accurate that many noted historians now referance to confirm other historical data.

The proof of accuracy in the historical aspect is all well and good but unlike any other religian Chritianity has the promice of accuracy in the future as well. There are many predictions in the bible. and many of them have come to pass. Enough to assure us that those still being unfulfilled will surely do so with bibical accuracy.
This assures us of the past and future but what of the present???
the present is for the individual to discern for themselves. God provides us with a past and a future but the direction of that future depends on our individual choices here now in the present. Which is the most important differance between christianity and all other religians.
This is the objective reasoning for belief in God. In that even those who don't believe or don't know or care to know, without even realizing it are living within the basics of God's direction, within the relm of Godly morality. In that written in the bible is the knowledge of the nature of mankind and the workings of the universe that only a creator could know.

While objectivity cannot and should not be ignored neither should subjectivity, if one is to find the truth.
In common language what this means is ;
1. You can't know whats in there being on the outside looking in.
2. You can't judge a bible by it's cover . (You have to open it to know it)
You can stand outside a great restatant and think you know how the food tastes but you can't realy know how great it is until you go inside and have the dining experience. It is the same with being a follower of christ Jesus. It is something that no one can truethfully explain, for to know it one has to experience it for themselves.
The choice is yours. The consiquences are yours as well.

Sincerely His and yours.
satan will always try to counterfeit the works of God. Just as pharoa's sorcerors turned thier staffs into serpents the powers of darkness will always try to sow confusion- but make no mistake they are no match for the Living God!
there is no need to go to the Eastern religions to explain anything about the only true faith..... I agree that there may be some truth in many philosophies or worldviews that are not specifically Christian, because all truth is God's truth, but since ther is no biblial mention of "chakras" or "third eyes", there is no need to explain the subjective experiences Christians go through by appealing to false religions. The Christian scriptures are the only objective truth we have by which to measure the subjective experiences we have, and all the false teachings given by today's worldwide counterfeit religions.

I should have added that the commonalities between the world's relgions are not important... the most important thing is to ask what Jesus Himself asked "Who do men say I AM?" Any religion that ascribes anything less than full deity and full humanity to Him is false, any religion that says that there are many paths to God is false, Jesus says that He is the only way, THE way THE truth and THE life.... any religion (including agnosticism, secular humanism etc) that says it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you sincere is false, for the Bible and Jesus Himself all go to great lengths to inform us as to what sorts of beliefs we ought to have... indeed what we MUST have. Persistent failure to believe in Jesus' own testimony as to who He is, is to die in your sins. After all, the devils sincerely believe in God, but that doesn't mean they will be saved. James 2:19 (ESV) You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!"