very personal album



very personal album

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The clip was filmed in Los Angeles on Rihannas birthday, and she said the song is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new territory shes staking out on the album, the follow-up to last years debut, Music of the Sun. Working again with producers/songwriters Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, she said even the albums title is a statement.
Its called A Girl Like Me because its a very personal album, she said. Its my baby. Its all about what i like to be a girl like me, speaking of personal experiences as well as things that girls like me have gone through. In addition to working with Sean Paul, she hooked up with labelmate Ne-Yo for the second single, Unfaithful.
Its a ballad, so its new ground for me, but Im excited, she said. Theres [also] some party topics. Theres some relationship topics. There are some topics about keeping haters outta your circle. We go everywhere. Everything about me.
Kanye West produced a few tracks, including the second single, My Wife (see Nick Cannon Goes Wild With Kanye, Ying Yang Twins, Common), but West is the only famous guest involved.
I didnt want a whole bunch of features, a whole bunch of producers, Cannon said at Saturdays Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (see Will Smith Issues A Warning, Timberlake Thanks His Butt At Kids Choice Awards). I did the majority of it, and Kanye helped me a great deal. And I think between those two creative minds, we captured something.
The first single, Dime Piece, which samples Bell Biv DeVoes Poison, is out now, and the video features Cannon searching for girls for his video at a church where Bishop Don Magic Juan is preaching.
Cannon is confirmed for KIIS-FMs Wango Tango Festival on May 5 and plans to hit more stages in the summer.

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