Victory Through Trials And Troubles

If we were attacked in our life by pretty big strange or bad circumstances, we would look for solutions. That is if we don't want to enjoy that long bad problem.
In society we see problems big that Gov. or they can rule over the people and force them to live according to their rules. others are working on. They could make mistakes though.
God makes no mistakes.
Most of the problems arising are economy based problems. Big money to pay for everything till the economy colapses and we have to depend on others to help. Those who we turn to for help are just waiting so they can bring all into the position for them to own what must be paid back. Then they can rule over slaves since they owe them.

How can we live in peace without fear. God is the answer. we must live by faith. Satan works through circumstances to try and discourage.

Look at Daniel and 3 young men. They must fearlessly trust God in face of danger. They must keep the flesh and mind out of it and trust God. The only thing we have to have is faith and trust to believe God's word. He has many promises that he will protect us. Ps. 91:1 that is safety. Faith doesn't go by 5 senses.

Abraham would offer his son as a sacrifice, but he did obey and offered him. He was only picturing the death of Jesus on the cross, he was standing on Moriah where Calvary hill is. He was a prophet.

No pain hurts worse than knowing God is not pleased. we trust him.