Vista Premium

Vista Premium

I just bought a new laptop for my wife because her wireless stopped working a while back and we were tole it would be a few hundred dollars to get it working agin. Here is my question. She is doing on-line schooling and right now she has Windows XP..will she loose any files when I go to tranfer from XP to Vista. Yes, we checked with 4 differnt Techs and we get different responses. We were also told that Vista had may flaws still, but one tech said that was straightened out over the Summer.
Any assistance would be greately appreciated.
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The answer to the question of lost files. It depends the program or programs that made and supports those files. Some older after market programs that store and work with files will not run on vista. In fact some newer ofter market programs won't run on vista. But those should all be off the shelf by now. That is why the techs can't give you an answer. It depends on the programs.
I finaly ended up having XP installed in my last lap top ,not so much because of the vista or it's incompatability with older programs but its inability to work with the computer manufacturers pre installed programs .
I bought my last one 7 months ago. So if there's been any improvements it has been since then.

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Thank you for the info Theo. I just pray we don't have to many problems with Vista because we are already commited to the sale. We purchased on line at Shop NBC and it's been Pain in Full, so I guess there is no turning back.
New high end, and even many low cost computers , even bought on line often come with manufacrurer tech support. Microsoft also has support lines for vista, so your not totaly with out help.
Depending on the computer's available memory you can have XP (professionaly) either added or relace vista for around $150

One idea as well that you could do if you still need to run XP, is to run virtualization software on Vista (an example would be VMWare or Virtualbox) and you could create a XP virtual guest that you could run the programs you needed and still run Vista.

VMware: Virtualization, Virtual Machine & Virtual Server Consolidation - VMware

Here would be an example of Vmware in Linux, running Windows XP as a guest:

Virtualization opens a whole new world of possiblities.. You can literally run 5 and more different operating systems from one machine. Although fi you do do this, be sure that your hardware supports it effectivly... i.e. it might be slow if you CPU and memory aren't fast enough, etc.

Since we have dual, quade and more CPUs on one dye and availabel for consumers, this definatly saved a ton of money for both consumer and business.

At home I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 processor. It has two CPUs in one dye (chip). If I wanted to I can run Windows XP and Linus, each with their own dedicated CPU core, and run them as fast as if they weere two seperate computers... i.e. two monitors, keyboard, mouse, towers, etc...

Another good example is the PlaySttion 3... it have 8, count them... eight, cores on one dye. Each core is used for seperate functions. i.e. audio, video, physics, etc. You can load another OS onto it and have limited use of the hardware.

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