wait on the Lord in quietness and faith


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wait on the Lord in quietness and faith

Sometimes it seems impossible to ignore the waves of emotion and frustration in life.
But today's message to you my brothers and sisters is 'wait on the Lord in quietness and faith" untill He sends His spirit upon you and fills you with immeasurable amounts of life and zeal. Only, make sure you are walking the talk and not just talking the talk. Remember, there is nothing more precious and important in God's sight than those who do what is written.

May God richly bless you all.
True as it may sound,,"wait on God". The problem is,,you wait on someone who is nnot there. God is already here as is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one doing the waiting for He will not fill us until we are completely repented and believing that we will will receive Him. The actual waiting comes from out own unbelief, for we still wrestle with flesh and bone and common sense. With God,,flesh and bone and common sense have no place when we are praying and believing,,for we are acting in Faith soul and spirit,,not in the flesh. So,,fast up,,pray up and when you pray and ask,,do so in the will of God and be ready to receive what you have asked for. Believing while praying you already have it. Thanking Him for what you have received,,tho your flesh says you have not received,,,ALWAYS calling things that are not as tho they are.

IN HIS love,