Wait ..Theres More.

Wait ..Theres More.

Hey all.

At the moment i feel like im a very weak Christian ..and i dont know
what to do. My life really is in a mess.

1) I've never heard God talk to me, at least i don't think i have.

2) I've never had a "personal encounter" with him.

3) Quite Importantly, I Don't know how to pray properly.
I attended a Prayer Meeting tonight at church, Everyone else was
shouting out loud, praying and singing in tounges too. But i can't do
both the tounges and praying outloud.

4) I was prayed for, for the gift of tounges, but i need to let my tounge
get loose, but my mind is controlling it and i cant change it. I immitated
a couple of words in tounges but was hard to understand. I'm
the only one who cant pray in tounges or pray in the spirit, i want to
do it so bad, i just want to break free and ROOAAARRRR !! lol.

5) My Past problem, Lack of Self confidence, Shyness, Motivation, and all
that stuff, it really is holding me back now, I started to break free, but
at the moment i feel that i have frozen and may be falling back again.
I really can't live like this, it does my head in. I just want to ROAR.
Speak louder, clearer, with confidence and be able to speak to anyone
without any problems.

6) Like many, if not All of Us, i have sinned. And i have slipped up too
many times. But the sins are always stuck in my mind and come back
to haunt me. I try to focus on God and my sins just come back to me..
even though i have prayed for forgiveness, i feel i havent been

7) I also struggle to take my mind off whatever is around me or anything
i've been doing / researching ect, i try and pray or worship and its just
there.. Help?

Finally, Just out of the blue, I started to think about my Ex-girlfreind
and i realised just how nasty i was to her after we broke up. I feel
really bad about it and lived with the consequences of my actions
because we dont talk at all at the moment, but I have to appologise
to her like NOW!

So Thanks to anyone who gives me advice, and i would appreciate it
any of you could pray for me over some of these issues.

Thank you and God Bless.
Just for now, in response to the Tongues.
My husband has never spoken in tongues either.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but was it Thomas who implied that not all people would speak in tongues?
I'll write more to you later B2LY!
You know you're my buddy!
Love, Violet
1) God most often doesn't speak in the audible voices that we often see in the Bible. In fact, God often speaks to us through our own thoughts. This is why it's critical that after you pray, you sit and listen. God also often speaks through others that are close to the Lord and through events that help shape your life. Don't feel distraught that you aren't having audible voices speak into your ears.

2) If you don't feel that you've ever had a real experience with Christ, "go out and get one". Parents often send their kids to church camps so that they can have their faith proven to themselves and not just have them have a borrowed faith. If it's at all possible to go on one of these trips (or just go somewhere with some other really good Christians) I would try. However, what you need to do is to start getting into the Bible and praying. When you're having conversations with Him, simply as God to experience Him like never before and it will happen.

3) Prayer is only as complex as you make it. You just pray what's in your heart. Pray your thoughts, your dreams, your problems, your thanks, your needs, your wants, ect... You'd talk to him as if you were talking to one of your close friends. Get the basics down first.

4) I have had very little experience in this category so I will differ to someone else on this one.

5) This is where #3 comes in. Talk to God about these things and ask Him for help. You can't change yourself, only God can change you.

6,7) Guilt is not something from God. It's the World/Satan/his demons reminding you of your past sins in order to keep you down spiritually. All your sins for all time were forgiven on the cross. All you have to do is to accept your gift. We keep on praying for constant forgiveness to keep ourselves closer to God. To put it simply, if you are a Christian, there's no possible way your sins are NOT forgiven.

I highly recommend "The Haunting Spectre of Guilt" series by one of my favorite Christian apologists. You can listen to it through these links:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

If you feel you need to apologize, apologize! :) Tell us how it works out.
Hi all.
Thank you for your replies.

1) God most often doesn't speak in the audible voices that we often see in the Bible. In fact, God often speaks to us through our own thoughts.

I agree with that, yes, but how do i know if its God saying to do something or the flesh ?

I find it hard to Pray. When worshipping i will shout quite load, only when im on my own, lol. But praying i do it so quietly, im very insecure doing it, even on my own. Im in the car and i will turn my music down to pray over the top, but still end up doing it quieter. I can never think of things to say, i listen to people in chruch pray and im like Wow! Some of the things they come out with and im thinking to myself why can't i do it!?

I will check those clips out John, thanks.

Something else i would like to say is, i have an anger problem.
I get wound up real easy sometimes and it builds up and builds up and i get stressed out over it. But i always bottle things up and i struggle with it. The anger just builds up and builds up, but i've never let it out.

I'll tell you. Being bullied not only hurts you physically, But It changes you mentally and its a nightmare to break free of it.
Being pushed around and bullied for so many years, changed me into something im not. I've prayed so much about it, and tried to break free, but it seems nothing happens. I will cry sometimes because i can't live with it any more. :sad02:

What can i do ?

God bless you all.
I agree with what John has encouraged you with. I hope I can help some too.

God works the same way today, as he does in the Bible. The way you can tell if it is God talking to you is if it lines up with the Bible. That is why it is important to know the Word (John 1:1) Sooner or later you'll learn to recognize the voice of our Shepherd.
Prayer is talking with God. Some denominations prefer to shout and speak in tongues. Some like to do it quietly. It doesn't matter as long as your developing your relationship with Him.

As far as your anger, there is a principle that is taught in the Bible.
Thinking leads to your emotions which lead to your actions and eventually your habits. Romans 12:2 says "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." In Ephesians 5:26 encourages husbands to "...sanctify and cleanse her(our wives) with the washing of water by the word," :bible: Once you learn to see things through God's eyes, your emotions will change and your actions and habits will follow.

As for your bottled up anger, find a good christian friend you can share with. And remember God is always there ready to listen, just talk to him, through prayer.;)

You'll be in my prayers