Walmart pulls islamic doll

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Thank you for posting this. It has been confirmed by some ladies I know that they have heard this - and not by the power of suggestion, either. It seems to be in random areas of the Country. I have also heard that some stores are pulling the dolls and then a couple days later they are back on the shelves. No it is not good that something of this nature is occuring. Many parents are so preoccupied with themselves and their own busyness that they don't pay attention to the nuances of what their children actually play with.

In a nation of mix population, if the manufacturers wish to provide a doll with Islamic or Satanic words being uttered, they most certainly need to definitely label them as such.

Again, thank you for the post, Bo.
OHHH I heard about this!!

Actually a sister I go to church with was talking about bein at wal-mart and running across the doll a bit ago. She took it to the manager to have them listen to it, and they said they would look into it, but of course when she went back there it was!

I wonder how the doll made it this far?

Good post BO!