Warrior Shepherd

Warrior Shepherd

I'd like you to check out my new blog site at www.warriorshepherd.com/blog

I'm currently using Joomla, but will soon switch to either WordPress or DruPal (haven't decided which yet). Take a sec to read the blogs and tell me what you think... you will also learn more about me.

I know the site is still a bit clunky, which is why I am thinking of switching. Let me know if you have an opinion on WordPress or Drupal as blog engines!
I use WP as my blog platform. I do like their layout and also how it is easy to upgrade from earlier versions of the software. It improves more and more as it gets re-released.
Thanks avlight. I just checked out yoursite...very nice. I just uploaded WP to start messing with it... I'm pretty sure I will make the switch, I just want to test the template, etc first so I don't have too much downtime on my site while I get it set up...

Just curious, what template do you use?

Thanks for the input.

Sorry for the delayed response

I am using the newly released 2.3 version of WordPress. I am using a template called "The Morning After" located at http://themasterplan.in/themes/the-morning-after/

There were some minor bugs working with 2.3 that I have worked through and also some bugs within the template.

There are a lot of templates that are developed for Wordpress that look excellent. The problem is finding one and sticking with it.
Thanks violet. (and thanks for the bookmarks!) I'm hoping to really start posting daily soon. Plus, I'll include blogs from Iraq (I go there [again] in November)!!
as you can see, I've finally made the switch. I think the name of the template I used was wucoco. "The morning after" is a nice template too... I'll save it just in case. Thanks for the advice!
I now see!!!

That is the wucoco template. I always wanted to know where bloggers get their pictures. Surely most of them do not have an expensive comstock account.

nice blog
I borrow alot of my pics from a simple google search. That's probably a no-no... but I don't think I've used any copywrited material (that I know of)

There are also some free stock photo sites that you can get some okay pics at...

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