You will hear about wars that are being fought. And you will
hear stories about other wars beginning. But don't be afraid.
These things must happen before the end comes."

-- Mark 13:7 (ERV)

When war occurs, people panic. That has always been true and it was
certainly true in Jesus' day. However, just because numerous wars are
occurring simultaneously does not signal that the end of the world is
near. These things will happen in our world throughout our fallen
history. Unfortunately war is a very prevalent problem with the human
condition. As sad and horrific as war is, we must know that it is not
the cause or determinant of the end of the world.


Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Senior Moderator
Staff Trainer
It is most important for all Christians to know and understand the end time prophesies. It is for that reason that I strongly recommend that in-depth studies be done by everyone - in the Books of Isaiah 1-66 (KJV) and the Book of Revelation 1-22 (KJV). Use a high quality King James Vesrsion Bible and a high quality Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible to get the full meaning of the scriptures from Hebrew (Isaiah) and Greek (Revelation).

Some ministers are not allowed to teach the contents of either of these Books and in fact, one denomination does not even have the Book of Revelation in their own Bible.

However, the fact remains that knowledge about what will take place and what needs to take place will better prepare Christians for their eventual meeting with Christ. From my standpoint as a non-denominational teaching Pastor, I welcome that day. :)
Wars are a foregone conclusion, as long as there is pride and selfishness in the world there will be war.

Christians need to be prepared, they need to turn to God in these days and seek His peace and grace. Without absolute dependance on God, christians will be swept away together with the rest of the world in fear and depression.

I agree Pastor Gary, Christians need to be prepared.

Mix economical pressure, war and natural disasters together and we have a pot full of fear and trembling but knowledge of Gods plan and His love for His children fills our lives with peace and joy no matter what falls apart arround us.


Amen , Keven .

And yes ,war creates fear but we as Christians do not need to fear as we know exactly who holds our hand and is walking with us each and every day

Psalm 46:2
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
Psalm 49:5
Why should I fear when evil days come, when wicked deceivers surround me-