"Watched" thread(s)

I find it rather amusing that every time I post a "thread" that there appears a little "icon" which means "watched"
Now, that could be a good thing, or it could be bad a thing for me. I have two interpretations as to why.

(1) Either who ever causes this icon to appear on my threads, likes what I say, and don't want to miss it, or..

(2) They really don't like what I say, and are keeping a close eye on me so the whole forum does not go down the tubes.

I cant decide which one to choose to believe! Help! :)
I believe the watch icon appears if you post to a thread.
For me it does, but there are persons who post and never get that icon in their threads. Maybe I am not understating correctly, are you saying I get this icon, and I am the only one seeing it because I originated it, and every one else only see their own threads with the same icon?

Pastor Gary

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Just to clarify further - You are not being "watched" by the staff... LOL... ;)